Kids Voice Lessons in Queens, New York 

Join me for a fun filled Spring Semester with Amanda Beagle Vocal Studio! I'm a professional singer and teaching artist currently accepting new students into my home studio in Astoria, New York. I am conveniently located just two blocks from the N/W subway line. I accept students ages 7 and up and we work in fun and encouraging environment. All students learn a wide variety of songs and styles of music while learning basic music theory. It's my belief that all young people can benefit from an active participation in the arts. Vocal study will not only develop your child's musical still, but it will also help instill invaluable life skills in them that that will benefit from for a lifetime. 

An experienced educator, I've taught music and theater in a variety of settings including after-school and summer programs, on faculty with performing arts studios and privately in my home studio. My own singing has taken me all over the world. I've performed in professional musical theater and operetta, in cruise ship showrooms, on NYC stages, and in regional theaters. It's one of the greatest joys of my life to be entrusted with the personal and musical development you kids like yours. Please take a moment to reach out via the contact section of my website. I'd love to connect and see how I can help your child find their voice!  


Voice Lessons in Astoria, New York 

Voice Lessons in Astoria, New York! 

Spring is in the air and I am currently enrolling new students for the Spring semester! I'm a professional singer and teaching artist currently enrolling new private voice students into my Queens studio. I've been teaching private voice for over 15 years and love working with kids and teens. It's my mission to make music and singing fun and accessible while also instilling life skills in young people like self-confidence, goal setting and determination. I teach in Astoria on Monday, Thursday and Saturday just two blocks from the 30th Ave stop on the N/W subway line. If you are a busy parent looking for a conveniently located and affordable music lesson for your child, this may be a great fit. Lesson rates start at just $35. Please email me through the contact section of my website. I'd love to connect and see how I can help. 

Fun Pageant Interview Questions 

We cover a diverse sampling of practice interview questions under my pageant curriculum! From current events and hot topics, to brand strategy and your plans for your year, we cover it all. Being able to answer fun, personality questions is one skill that should not be overlooked. Can you show the judges your creativity and spontaneity? Here are some fun pageant questions for you to practice showcasing your stellar personality! 

1. Which song lyrics best describe your life?

2. What three words do you think your generation could claim as its own?

3. What is the bravest thing you've ever done for a friend?

4. If you could invent one thing, what would it be?

5. If you were given one minute on national television, how would you use it?

6. Describe an aspect of your personality that makes you misunderstood?

7. If you had your own restaurant, what would you name it and what kind of food would you serve?

8. If you could train any wild animal to be a house pet, which animal would you choose and why?

9. What is your favorite thing that starts with the first letter of your name? 

10. If you were to lose your hearing tomorrow, what would you want to hear today while you still can?

BONUS CHALLENGE: As an added challenge, now answer these questions and see if you can turn the answer back to your community service platform or your plan for your year of service. This is a helpful skill when you find yourself in an interview situation and you haven't had the opportunity to talk about your platform. See if you can turn any questions into a mission statement!

Pageant Talent Coach in New York City 

Pageant Vocal Talent Development 

I help young women develop vocal talent routines that showcase their unique talents and vocal style. Whether it's polishing an existing routine or starting from scratch, I can help you develop a talent presentation you can feel proud of. Some women come to me with years of vocal training behind them and others come to me at the beginning of their journey. Whatever your level of study, we'll work together on your technique and stage presence and choose material that excites you! 

  • Repertoire Selection 
  • Backing Track Curation and Editing 
  • Staging and Stage Presence 
  • Vocal Technique and Microphone Technique 
  • Costuming and Styling 


I offer coachings in a variety of ways. We can meet in Midtown Manhattan at Ripley Grier Studios or inquire about in home coachings. I make myself available in Youngstown, OH at Fred Astaire Youngstown one weekend per month, so keep an eye out for those dates! I also meet with students virtually via Skype or FaceTime, helping clients all over the country choose material, secure a high quality backing track and develop their vocal skill and stage presence. 

Inquire today for availability and rates! 


I was so thrilled to be recognized by the Pageant Planet as one of the Top Ten Pageant Talent Coaches of 2017.

Pageant Coaching in Ohio 

New Ohio Pageant Coaching Dates Announced!!!

I will be in Ohio August 3-5 offering one-on-one pageant coaching sessions at the beautiful Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Youngstown, Ohio! Inquire today to reserve your spot! Space is LIMITED!!!

Todays pageant girl must be more brand savvy than ever before! The industry is changing by the minute, and it's important to stay fresh and relevant as your forge your path to success. Here's what we'll cover:

  • Community Service Platform Development
  • Interview Techniques & Mock Interviews
  • Building Your Personal Brand
  • Social Media Presence
  • Creating Partnerships
  • Pageant Talent Development
  • Wardrobe Styling
  • Runway Walking
  • Stage Presence & Poise
  • Titleholder Etiquette


New York City Pageant Coach 


Hi Friends, 

Do you live in New York, New Jersey or Connecticut? Or are you visiting New York from some other fabulous place in the country?! I schedule in-studio pageant coachings at Ripley Grier Studios in mid-town Manhattan during the week and on weekends.(subject to availability) 

The pageant industry has evolved considerably over the years and is ever changing as we speak! Today's pageant girl is a story teller, a change maker and a branding expert! In this digital age, having a strong well defined brand is more important than ever before. My focus as a pageant coach is helping you make choices that align with your personal values and mission as a woman and as a titleholder. Learning to build relationships and partnerships with organizations and individuals who can help you further your community service platform and contribute to the enhancement of the pageant you represent is paramount. 

Let's get together and make a plan for your success. Contact me at HERE!




Topics covered: 

  • Community Service Platform Development 
  • Personal Branding 
  • Interview Preparation 
  • Talent Presentation 
  • Wardrobe Consulting 
  • Runway Techniques 
  • Public Speaking 
  • Paperwork Analysis 
  • Image Consulting 
  • Confidence Building 

Natural pageant systems include, but are not limited to: 
MAO Teen 
Miss America 
Miss Teen USA 
Miss USA 
National American Miss (NAM) 
USA National Miss 
Miss American Coed (MAC Pageants) 
International Junior Miss (IJM) 
America's National Teenager(Antso) 
High School America 
Teen World 


Missed American Beauty 

I will never forget the day I received this swimsuit in the mail. I was prepping for Miss America and we knew Speedo was to be the swimsuit sponsor that year and provide our competition swimsuits. I held that tiny Fedex envelop in my hands wondering what could possibly fit inside this envelop. But there it was, my bright orange and black triangles held together by strings.  This was going to be more skin than I had ever shown in public, let alone onstage in 5 inch heels under stage lights.  

Swimsuit was never my strong suit anyway and was something I tolerated because I wanted the job of Miss Ohio and wanted an outlet to perform my talent. I was met with some hurtful comments prepping my body to be judged in this swimsuit. When people are telling you you're fat on the regular, you start to believe it. But, through some rigorous workouts, lots of chicken and broccoli, and a good dose of stress, I managed to get my 5’7 frame down to 119 pounds for Miss America. I was under weight for Miss America and still felt I wasn't thin enough for this suit.  

Of course, 119 pounds was not sustainable for my body and by the time I gave up my crown, I was maintaining at about 130 pounds and stayed at that weight though my 20’s. It is still difficult for me at 38 years old to embrace my figure at 160 pounds. I always think to myself, even all these years later, you’ll never look as good as you did at Miss America. This is always followed by my self pep talk of…”yes but you were 24 and starving!” I find myself embattled in a mental struggle over what I know is real and good and healthy and my own negative self talk. I'm very aware of negative body image issues and though I don’t have children yet, this is something I would never want to pass along to my daughter or son. I strive to be kind to myself and remind myself that this unrealistic standard of beauty is simply unsustainable for my body. 

With the elimination of the swimsuit competition from the Miss America Scholarship Program, I feel relieved. Relieved that we can finally focus on the great work women are doing all over the country on behalf of their platforms and Children't Miracle Network. I have seen girls struggle with this phase of competition knowing that there has been a certain proportionality that is favored by judges and the standard set by the pageant industry itself.  Though I’m sure for some, this phase of competition lead to healthy habits and empowerment, there are just as many girls who have felt pressured to use drastic means to achieve an unrealistic goal for their body type that also takes an emotional and mental toll. 

I am so tired of a woman’s value being measured by how much space she takes up. Here we are in a time when Miss America program alumni are entrepreneurs, civic leaders, non-profit and corporate executives, entertainers, fundraisers, educators, doctors, lawyers, news anchors….the list goes on and on, and all we can talk about is who is valued in this program based on how much actual space she takes up onstage. For me, Miss America should be representative of the All-American girl. But, then that would lead us to a discussion of what the All-American girl looks like. There was a time when we would only be talking about pretty white girls. I'm talking about women who reflect the diverse makeup of America. Women of all ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds and women of all shapes and sizes. Authenticity seems to be hanging on by a thread here, and we have an opportunity to lead during a time when many people feel the need to present a fake highlight real of the best moments of their lives on social media and edit every photo of them that hits the internet. I breath a huge sigh of relief with the thought that women might actually get to participate in this scholarship program without the fear of breaking their bank, their body and their spirit. 

I am thrilled to see that this program can take a direction where more women will be encouraged to join this program that I love so much. I’m so thrilled that as a former Miss Ohio and mentor, I can feel good about recruiting a more body diverse group of women to participate in this program. I applaud the Miss America board for taking this bold leap. Change is never embraced fully at first, and I’m sure there will always be those who look back instead of forward. I’m optimistic and completely open to the possibilities in store for pageantry as a whole, and can’t wait to see how all of this changes the fabric of Miss America in the coming months and years. Cheers to you Miss America!


Pageant Interview Questions  

Pageant interview is your time to shine. Highlight your personality and tell the judges why you are the right person for the job. Here are some thought provoking and personal questions for your next pageant. Practice being honest and authentic while having fun. Try relating answers back to personal experiences and stories that will help make your answer unique to you. 


1. If you could create a new tradition for your family to enjoy and pass on to future generations, what would it be?

2. If you could make sure 3 words were never used on the internet, what would they be?

3. What is a hidden quality you possess that you wish people knew about? 

4. What is one mistake from the past that you hope your generation does not repeat?

5. What is one important lesson you learned from someone older than you? 

6. Describe an aspect of your personality that makes you most misunderstood?

7. Does pageantry help or hurt the advancement of women in society? Explain.

8. If you could spend an entire school day/work day counseling peers on one issue, what would it be?

9. What is one area where you and your parents/spouse disagree?

10. What is the bravest thing another person has done for you? 


Amanda Beagle is a former Miss Ohio and professional pageant and personal development coach. Based in NYC, Amanda is available for remote and on location training for your next pageant. Inquire for details at 

Pageant Sponsorship Do's and Don'ts 

I encourage all my students to make every effort to get sponsors to help support their pageantry goals. Whether you are looking for cash or free or discounted services, here are some DO's and DONT'S to help you on your quest for sponsors.

DO start with people and businesses you know! Most sponsors will invest in you for YOU! They just want to see you succeed. Businesses that you or your parents frequent are a great place to start. 

DON'T approach a business without researching their company first. Tell the sponsor what you like about their business and why you think you are a good fit for their company.

DO use your program book ads to thank sponsors. You can purchase a full page ad and list all sponsors. You can even have levels of sponsorship i.e. Silver, Gold, Diamond etc. 

DON'T forget to proofread. I receive a lot of inquiries from teenagers chock full of misspelled words and text abbreviations. The letter needs to be professionally written. This is not the time for using "texting language." Save that for your friends!

DO utilize social media to thank your sponsors! Tweet a shout of thanks. Share links to the sponsor's website or recent promotions. Not all posts should be about you. Contestants who can shine a light back on those who help them are the most successful. Be gracious.

DON'T forget to write a personal hand written thank you note to all sponsors. The social media shout outs are not enough! You must personally thank those who support you with a personalized thank you note. It may seem like a dying art, but it will be so appreciated if you make the extra effort. These little details will influence the possibility of that sponsor supporting you in the future. 

DO offer to make an appearance for your sponsor's business. Visit a local elementary school on their behalf or spend an afternoon greeting customers at their business. This is a great way to build relationships with sponsors and show that you can give back in return. 

DON'T use the same generic letter for each sponsor. You can have a template or general content that remains the same, but be sure to personalize the letter to suite the individual or business you are approaching. Be sure to share your goals and explain the benefits you are gaining through the process of pageantry i.e. scholarship, personal development, self-confidence etc. 

DO understand that potential sponsors have a right to say no. They can't support every person or organization in one calendar year. If you get a no, apply elsewhere and never criticize them for their decision. Be respectful. 

DON'T make assumptions. If a sponsor supports you this year, but next year needs to cut back, respect their decision and don't pass judgement. 

DO remember that garnering support is all about building relationships. Conduct yourself in a manner that would make that sponsor proud and keep in touch with updates on your progress. Deliver on your promises to promote that sponsor on ad pages and social media. If you've promised an appearance, make sure you set it up in a timely manner and follow through with what you promised to do. 

Always remember, those young women who can promote themselves while still remaining humble and giving are the most successful. The modern age of pageantry requires that you promote yourself on social media and build your brand. Be sure to do it in a tasteful manner. Give of yourself and shine a light on those around you. This shows that you have an altruistic spirit and genuine desire to build relationships. For me, this is the most important thing.

Top 5 Pageant Talent Coach of 2016 

Hello Friends, 

I'm excited to share that I was recently honored by The Pageant Planet as one of the "Top 5 Pageant Talent Coaches of 2016!" It's truly an honor to be recognized for the work that I do, especially because I enjoy the work so much. Here is a link to the article about all the honorees! Special thanks to the Pageant Planet!

After a very busy holiday season, I'm excited to return to my intense weekends of pageant coaching in Youngstown, OH. My Ohio home studio is The Fred Astaire Dance Studio on Market Street in Boardman, OH and I will be available February 25th & 26th for one-on-one pageant coaching, talent consultations and voice lessons. Whether your goal is to win a pageant or perform on Broadway, I will design a personalized training experience just for you. 

Contact me anytime for details!