Your talent costume can make or break you talent routine. The first impression judges have of your talent is your entrance onto the stage. They are already forming opinions about your routine, before it has even started. Committing to a clear concept for your routine will help you design costuming that will stand out and complete your overall performance.

  • THEATRICAL PRESENTATION: Perhaps you wish to present a theatrical performance of a song, monologue, or poem. Whether you are singing, dancing or acting, you may choose to costume your routine remaining true to character and the time period of the piece. I suggest researching original performances of the work to garner inspiration for you costuming. 
Miss California, Noelle Freeman, costumed her ballet en pointe routine with a stunning Swan Lake inspired tutu.

  • CONCERT PERFORMANCE: Concert attire for singers and instrumentalists can be highly affective on the pageant stage. The choices are endless, from dynamic ball gowns, sleek evening wear, a stylish pants outfit, to fun and flirty cocktail dresses.

Miss America 2012, Laura Kaeppeler, looked stunning as she performed her award winning presentation of the aria, "Il Bacio."

  • DANCERS: Dancers should consider the style of dance and the character behind it. If you are not playing a character from a specific musical, consider the emotions you seek to evoke in your audience. If you choose a mass produced costume purchased from the Internet, consider adding your own personal touches to add value to the outfit. I recommend airing on the side of sophistication. Many dance costumes are appropriate for the children's recital stage, but may need to be enhanced to compete with the lush fabrics of a gown. 
Miss Hawaii 2012, Lauren Cheape scored a talent award for her innovative jump rope routine. This dance costume is a wonderful example of using plush fabrics to highlight a sophisticated and classy design. 

Your talent costume is an important component to building your overall image. Your job as a contestant is to deliver a clear and consistent presentation of who you are. Great talent costuming will enhance any performance and help improve your overall pageant package. 

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