Developing Your Pageant Paperwork

Contestant paperwork is of vital importance in creating your overall pageant package. You must present well written and grammatically correct paperwork. Paperwork should be informative and concise, giving judges a wealth of information to draw from when formulating interview questions for your private interview. This is your opportunity to present a clear representation of who you are and what you have to offer. Your paperwork is your first impression, so make it a good one. 

Contestant Fact Sheet and Resume

  • Only include information you want to talk about.  The information you share should inspire a question when the judges read it. Your facts should be things that will allow you to tell a story, showcasing a facet of your personality. 
  • Sometimes less is more. Don't feel like you need to list every possible fact about yourself. 
  • Show that you are well-rounded. Include information about academics, family, leadership, creativity, talent, career aspirations, awards, physical fitness and travel. Create a clear picture of who you are.
  • Be creative with your interesting facts. Not all facts have to be serious. Tell me something funny about yourself. Tell me something unique about your childhood or your siblings. Think outside the box. 
Community Service Platform Essay Format
Choose an issue that has personally touched your life. Your platform should be a cause you are passionate about. Make a difference in your community while developing your vision for expansion as you progress through the local, state and national levels of competition. Tell your story through your platform essay. Follow this suggested outline. 
  1. Share a personal experience or memory to show why you chose your platform. This should spark interest and capture the readers attention. Your opening story or anecdote should be the hook that leaves the judges wanting to read more. 
  2. Define your platform issue. Tell what it is and the purpose it serves. A few lines of history are fine here, but do not right an essay giving the history of your organization. You should know the history, but judges want to know what you are doing, why your platform is relevant and how you will promote your platform at the local, state and/or national level. 
  3. What have you done to develop and promote your platform. In this paragraph you should be able to talk about projects you have been involved in and organizations you have partnered with. Be proactive. Do not speak in terms of “I will,” speak in terms of “I am.”
  4. What will you do as Miss ___? The final paragraph should summarize your plan to further promote your platform. How will being Miss ___ help you promote your cause? Why is it important? What organizations will you partner with to further promote your cause? How will you fund your project? 
I recommend limiting your platform essay to no more than five paragraphs. Make sure your paragraphs are complete and comprised of at least 5 sentences. Thoroughly proofread your paperwork and have a few people read your paperwork to get a fresh perspective and possible suggestions for improvement. 

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