Pageant Interview Questions for Teens

1. What is the most rewarding community service project you have ever been a part of?

2. Should college be free?

3. Do you consider yourself a typical teen?

4. Do you believe a student can get a quality education from a vocational or trade school rather than a college?

5. Do you think parents should monitor their child’s Facebook and other social media accounts?

6. What can we as a society to overcome pressures placed on young women by the media in terms of body image?

7.Would you change your appearance if this pageant organization asked you to?

8. Do you agree with schools taking physical fitness out of their curriculum?

9. When schools need to cut their budget, often arts education is the first to go. Do you believe Arts Education is a vital component to a student's education?

10. Some say text messaging is taking away the ability of teens to write sentences with proper spelling and grammar. What is your opinion?

11. Should handwriting continue to be taught in schools?

12. Does your family have a motto (spoken or unspoken)?

13. Do you think extracurricular activities are a vital part of a students educational experience? Why or why not?

14. The best part of waking up is?

15. Would you rather visit Hawaii or Alaska?

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