Pageant Interview Questions: Vol. 10

Pageant judges are instructed to score contestants, not on their specific opinion, but rather their ability to take a stance on an issue and defend their answer. Show that you are confident and comfortable in your own skin by speaking your mind in an eloquent, educated manner. 

1. Do you think it is ethical for mental health professionals to attempt to change the sexual orientation of minors? (The California law, known as SB 1172,  prohibits state-licensed mental health providers from using dangerous efforts to change the sexual orientation of minors. It went into effect Jan. 1.)

2. The Super Bowl is the single largest human trafficking event in the U.S. Why do you think this goes on practically unnoticed by most Americans? What should be done to stop human trafficking? (

3. Do you think Beyonce should have sung the National Anthem live at the Presidential Inauguration? Do you judge her for lip syncing?

4. Would you change the Miss America scoring in any way?

5. Boyscouts of America are set to change their homophobic policy, potentially reversing their policy on banning homosexual leaders and members, ultimately leaving the final decision up to individual chapters. What do you think their policy should be? Do you think homosexual members should be banned from membership? (

6. Do you think human interest stories are vital to the Miss America Organization's increased television ratings and popularity?

7. Some gun lobbyists propose having armed guards in schools to protect students from potential gunmen. How do you think this should be funded? Do you agree with this measure? Why or why not. 

8. How would you convince a pageant "naysayer" that pageants are relevant today?

9. Can charisma be taught?

10. With service at the center of the Miss America Organization, what is the single most important issue you think a Miss America should address? 

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