Pageant Interview Questions: Vol. 12

Pageant Interview Tips:

Speak with conviction. Sell the panel what you have to offer. Everything you do in a pageant should be purpose driven. Show them you know yourself and understand the job requirements of being a titleholder. At the end of the day, the judges panel wants to be inspired by you and they want to trust you. You can only convey your brand as a contestant and titleholder if you have defined your brand for yourself. Know what you are selling.

1. Is Obama Care helping or hurting you personally? Do you think it is a good policy? What is your understanding of Obama Care?

2. What is in your purse? What's on your i-pod?

3. Are you a self-motivated person? How do you stay motivated when you are feeling uninspired?

4. What is your number one fitness tip? How do you maintain a healthy lifestyle?

5. What would you say your mission statement is as Miss State? Miss National?

6. How do you handle it when someone doesn't like you?

7. Have you ever been bullied and how did you handle it? Have you ever helped prevent bullying?

8. Is there a way to prevent cyber bullying? What should the punishment be for cyber bullying? What role should parents play in preventing cyber bullying?

9. What organizations would you partner with at the state and national level to help facilitate your platform?

10. What are the financial requirements of facilitating your platform at the state level? National level?

*Amanda is a former Miss Ohio and resides in NYC where she is available for private pageant and talent consulting. A professional singer, she has entertained audiences all over the world and has been teaching private voice lessons for over 13 years. She helps young women define their personal brand and market themselves as titleholders. She makes herself available in Youngstown, Ohio once a month for clients in the surrounding region. EMAIL for details!

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