Pageant Make-up Do's and Don'ts

Pageant stage make-up and pageant interview make-up are not the same thing. It is important to remember that most pageant interviews will take place in smaller conference rooms with florescent lighting, while on-stage competition takes place under full theatrical stage lighting. The pageant interview is a job interview, and your make-up should reflect your professionalism and should be appropriate for the office. The pageant stage is a time for your most glamorous look, but it's important not to be overdone and to choose colors wisely.

Do apply make-up after fully cleansing and moisturizing your skin.

Don't wait until the last minute to test out self-tanning products and spray tans. No one wants to crown a pumpkin, so make sure to do a test run several weeks prior to your pageant. Try L'Oreal's Sublime Bronze collection. It's tinted so you can see if it is blending well.

Do use an exfoliating mask once a week.

Don't match your eye make-up to your outfit. Base color choices off of hair and eyes.

Do create a natural glow with bronzer. Blend from your hairline to your decolletage.

Don't wear your false eyelashes for your interview. Of course, they are a definite for stage, but interview make-up should be understated compared to your stage make-up. Use a great mascara like Maybelline Define-a-Lash.

Do mix foundation colors together with a foundation brush to create a better match for your skin tone throughout the year.

Don't use frosted or shimmery lip colors. This is a sure fire way to wash out your skin tone. The florescent light of an interview room will only make matters worse.  Try a pretty pink or nude lip color for interview. Save your fire engine red for the stage!

Do blend foundation into your neck line. You shouldn't be able to see the line where your foundation stops and your natural skin starts.

Don't line lips with a dark color while filling in lips with a lighter color. Lip liner should define your lip shape and should blend in with your lip color.

Do give your eye pencil a rest and dip a shadow brush in chocolate or black shadow, lining your eyes as close to the roots as possible. The thinner the brush the better. Try Mac Cosmetics brushes. I like their small angle brushes that are great for defining brows and lining your eyes with color.

Don't carry iridescent eye shadow colors up to the base of your eye brow. These iridescent shades will wash you out, especially under florescent lighting. Try a matte shadow instead.

Do keep shadow colors in the same family. For example, plums, purples and pinks look great together. Most cosmetic brands have great color combos already laid out for you. Try Dior's 5-Colour Eyeshadow compacts available at Sephora. These shades are expertly coordinated and will transition well from the interview room to the stage.

Don't over tweeze your brows. Pay attention to how well your eye brows show up. A well defined eye-brow will help frame your eyes. Use a small angle brush and shadow to add a little color and shape to your brows.

Do steer clear of mauve and burgundy lip colors, especially on stage. They may appear brown or dark purple under stage lights.

Pageant Stage Make-up tip: Do a few test runs of your make-up and see how it shows up in different lighting settings. Remember that stage lights often have colored gels over them that may cause your make-up to appear differently than its intended color. It may take a little extra time and experimentation, but it will be worth it as you put your best face forward!

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