Pageant Tool Box: Writing a Proper Thank You Note

Nothing says thank you quite like a hand written thank you note!

Sure, you could send an email, a text message or give a shout out on Facebook, but holding a piece of pretty stationary personalized by the one and only you, will mean so much more to those on the receiving end. Your addressee will be touched and impressed that you took the time to show your appreciation in a detailed and meaningful way.

In the pageant world, their are many occasions when sending a thank you note is an absolute must!

Here is a list to help keep you on track.

  • Sponsors: After participating in a pageant, you should always thank those who made your pageant possible. Whether they donated cash, their time, or gifts, thanking these generous folks for contributing to your experience is a major "do"!
  • Volunteers: Many pageants would never make it off the ground without the tireless work of countless volunteers. This may include pageant directors, board members, back stage crew, box office staff, meal sponsors, host homes, chaperones, and so on.
  • Appearance hosts: Any title holder knows the value of making public appearances. It helps you give back to the community and the many organizations who helped contribute to your success. It also helps you promote causes near and dear to your heart, while allowing you to recruit contestants and support for your pageant organization. Not to mention the fact that some appearance may be paid, which helps you make a much needed living! From Rotary Club meetings to parades, always thank the person or persons responsible for booking you on an appearance.
  • Fans: Pageant girls get tons of gifts and thoughtful words of encouragement from supporters throughout their year of service. Sometimes, they may be from someone you hardly know. But remember how special it is that people take a personal interest in you and are inspired by your journey. Always take the time to thank them in writing for reaching out to you.
  • Teachers, coaches, consultants, vendors: It takes a village to raise a pageant winner! From stylists and dress shops to voice teachers and interview coaches, always take the time to thank your prep committee. They are invested in seeing you do well, and a simple thank you let's them know you recognize their hard work. It may even inspire that person to want to invest in you even more, simply because they know you appreciated their help!
How do we construct a proper thank you note? Let's not dirty the pretty stationary yet. Get out a piece of scrap paper and find your words first!

1. Salutation: Every hand written note (and email and text message for that matter) should begin with a greeting. Make sure you spell all names correctly and have the proper prefix for people's names such as Mrs. or Dr.
  • Dear Mrs. Smith,
2. Say thanks! Let them know why you are writing. Point out what it is you are thankful for and let them know how it made a difference in your life.
  • Thank you for attending my performance
  • Thank you for inviting me to speak at
  • Your scholarship donation is going to help fund my education at
3. Elaborate: Take the time to share what you enjoyed about your time spent with this person, or what was fun about the appearance they invited you to participate in. Let them know their gift was useful and thoughtful.
  • The makeup kit you donated will help me look my best at all my upcoming appearances.
  • I felt like a princess in the dress you donated and was so proud to wear it during competition.
  • I'm studying journalism in school, and I used the scholarship you gave to pay for all my books this semester.
4. Be forward thinking: Let them know when your next appearance is or tell them when you will see them again.
  • I'm looking forward to seeing you at this year's pageant.
  • I'll be singing in your town next month and hope to see you then.
  • I hope we can collaborate again soon.
5. Say thanks again: Restate your thanks in a new way.
  • Thanks again for donating a gift certificate to help with my wardrobe for my upcoming nationals.
  • Again, I was honored to appear at the ribbon cutting ceremony for
  • Your generosity will never be forgotten as I continue my studies at
6. End with a complimentary closing:
  • Formal: Sincerely, Warm regards...
  • For those closer to you: With love, Many thanks, Yours truly
Now that we know who we need to thank and how to construct the proper letter, have fun with stationary and send notes out in a timely manner, preferably within a month. For an added touch, choose thank you cards that have your initial on them or the logo of the pageant you represent. Thank you notes are always appreciated and will showcase your professionalism and humble, gracious demeanor. Have fun and happy writing!

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***Miss Ohio 2004, Amanda Beagle, is a New York City based pageant and talent coach maintaining studios in New York City and Youngstown, Ohio and serving students nationwide. For more information pleaseEMAIL!

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