Thriving Through Pageantry's Ups & Downs

Every pageant journey has it's ups and downs. It's common to become discouraged and feel that you simply don't have what it takes to win a title. 
  • First of all, no crown and sash define who you are as a person. Pageantry is a subjective sport, so try to remember that on any given day, a different panel of judges would choose a completely different young lady.
  • Second, no one brings to the table what you bring to the table. You are a sum of all your experiences making you uniquely you. No one has that, but YOU!
When you are feeling blue, take this confidence boosting challenge! Take out your pageant journal and write down three things that make you unique and special. Maybe you are a devoted volunteer or mentor. Perhaps you have an amazing singing voice or other special talent.  Do you always make people laugh or have a flare for politics? What ever it is, find your strengths in the haze of self doubt. Pageantry is an endurance race. Thriving through the highs and lows is half the battle. 
Be confident. Be bold. Be you. 
You can do it!
Amanda Beagle is a former Miss Ohio, professional singer and personal development coach for young women. She is passionate about mentoring young women towards success. Contact Amanda at

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