Tips for Pageant Vocalists

Today I want to focus on 3 main tips for preparing your vocal talent routine. Whether talent is optional or a required phase of competition, it is important to find a professional backing track, that helps you present a polished and entertaining routine. Here are today's tips!

1. Vocalists should always use a track when presenting their talent. There a several reasons for this. A talent routine does not feel complete and polished when a contestant sings a cappella. Your presentation will appear very thrown together. This is not an "American Idol" audition! It is your ONLY chance to showcase your talent so make it count. It is also important to note that some singers, especially young singers, have trouble singing in tune. Singing a cappella often enhances that weakness since there is nothing to help the performer stay in the key.

2. Have your track edited to the time limit required by the pageant or purchase a track that has already been arranged to the desired length. I have seen many contestants lately perform their talent and rely on the pageant sound technician to fade their music when their time limit is reached. This is often mid phrase. Even though this may not be against the rules, it is better to edit the track to include a very definite ending that makes sense musically as well as dramatically. 

3. Read pageant rules carefully. Every pageant is different and some do not allow background vocals on the track. Using a recording of the original artist singing the song and having the contestant sing along, is not an acceptable.  The contestants voice should be live and the only voice we hear!

If you search for Karaoke tracks online you will find a wealth of affordable options to choose from. Depending on your budget, there are many professionals who specialize in making custom tracks to suit your specific needs.  Musical Creations online store is a very affordable and accessible place to start!

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