It's Miss America week! Who will you be cheering for?

There is no greater way to visualize your dream than to watch the road those before you have taken to get there. No two stories are alike. We are all different, and whether your dream is to be Miss America, a performing artist, teacher, lawyer, or community leader, it is important to visualize your dreams. When you watch Miss America this Saturday night on ABC, imagine yourself on that stage. Feel the lights and the roar of the crowd. That could be you someday!

1. Pick your favorites. Choose your top ten and top five. See if you agreed with the judges!

2. Take note of the gowns onstage. What are your favorite styles? Which styles, fabrics and colors work best?

3. Who is the best communicator? Pay close attention to onstage question and the overall presentation of each contestant. How well do they articulate their beliefs? Do they succeed in projecting their personality and confidence?

4. Who has the "it" factor? Which ladies really stand out? Can you determine what it is that makes them shine?

5. Give your scores. How would you rate each contestant if you were judging? Sometimes putting yourself in the place of judge helps give you perspective as a contestant. What would you be looking for if you were judging?

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