When Talent Competition Is NOT Your Forte

Having trouble developing a pageant talent? Sure, you ace the interview, you are a fashionista, and you are killing it at the gym, but TALENT COMPETITION?!

Here is my advice! First, determine what form of artisitc expression you love and admire. What makes you feel excited, inspired and free. Even if it's in private, behind closed doors, wailing Pat Benatar with your hairbrush! (WE ARE YOUNG...ok, I'm old). Maybe you can't stop the beat and dance your way through making Sunday night dinner. Or maybe during that Sunday night dinner, you are the center of attention as you keep everyone in stitches. Whatever it is, identify it, and own it.

Second, don't be afraid to think outside the mic stand. Talent competition doesn't have to be reserved for singers, piano players and lyrical dancers en pointe. Ultimately, those judges want to be entertained, so tell me a joke, tell me a story, show me your culture, play me some Saxophone...BE YOU.

Finally, I encourage you to immerse yourself in your chosen artistic expression. Go to dance concerts, plays, musicals, improv shows, comedy clubs, recitals, piano bars, or jazz clubs. Do research and take lessons and classes regularly. A talent routine is not something that you should expect to throw together a month or weeks or days before your pageant. If you haven't started studying your chosen talent like it's the Wall Street Journal, than the time is now my friend. You ARE a star!

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