When your parents don't support your pageantry dreams.

It is an amazing thing to have a dream! But, it can be extremely difficult to pursue your dream when you don't have the proper support system. I was fortunate enough to always have my parents in my corner. However, I have had students whose parents needed a bit of encouragement.

Here are a few tips on how to deal:

Educate your parents: I find that, most of the time, the reason a parent is not getting on board with a student's pageantry goals is because they have never been exposed to pageants, other than what they see on television. It's important to make sure your parents understand all the valuable skills you will learn in preparation for your pageant. From poise and confidence to public speaking skills and an ability to network and communicate, these are invaluable life skills that will carry you far beyond pageantry. Yes, as a pageant coach, I want to see you succeed and achieve your dream of winning the crown. However, I also see the big picture and know with every fiber of my being that the definition of success in pageantry is much greater than a rhinestone tiara.

Find an advocate: It helps to have an adult who can help get your parents onboard. Whether it's a pageant coach, pageant director, voice or dance teacher, or other family friend or mentor, mom and dad may need the encouragement of an adult who has had some experience with pageants and the benefits that come along with it. Sometimes it helps to let someone else take the heat so you don't have to.

Surround yourself with supporters: We all need positive people to lift us up and help us keep our eye on the prize. Get your friends, teachers and other family members onboard by inviting them to your pageant and asking them to help you with preparation activities like shopping, make-up/hair, fundraising and interview questioning. My guess is, mom and dad will see how important it is to you and join in the fun too.

No matter what you face in life, keep your chin up. If you are passionate about pageantry, there's probably a really good reason why you are being called down that path. Maybe it's the lives you will touch through service, or maybe you need to build self-esteem and self-confidence.  Pageantry may be a vital part of your life's journey! No matter who gets the crown, I know that when you set goals and take action to achieve those goals, you've already won!

I'm proud of you and and wish you all the best!

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