Why Confidence is Queen

I have worked with hundreds of young women over the years, from training their singing voices to preparing them for pageants. One common theme reigns supreme and that is that "Confidence is Queen."

Lately, I've been thinking about not only the world of pageantry, but any career where you yourself are the "product." It can be difficult at times to distinguish between "you the product" and "you the person." I think it's imperative to make that distinction and keep the two separate, but equally nourished.

"You the product" endures the opinion and criticism of countless individuals, experts or not. It can be extremely overwhelming and very easy to get lost in the way others choose to perceive you. Knowing "you the person" and embracing your value and self-worth is a crucial part of maintaining and nurturing your spirit and sanity in a process that requires you to reinvent yourself regularly with courage and optimism.

Taking any kind of criticism constructively is a skill. Regardless of whether your critic has tact or care for "you the person," you must maintain your ability to filter out the negativity. Take the advice that works for you and discard the rest with yesterdays newspapers.

Know that no crown, no role, no outcome at all defines "you the person." We live in a society that wants to define us by our resumes, our awards, our salaries, where we live and on and on. Choose to define yourself boldly as only you can. Through successes and failures, know your worth and hold true to your values. When you are in an audition room or pageant interview, you are your first and only advocate. If you don't fight for yourself, no one else will be standing there to push you. Lean into it. You can do it!

Look for quote around 1:55.

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