Pageant Interview Questions: Vol. 6

1. Georgetown law student, Sandra Fluke, testified in front of a Democratic committee in favor of President Obama's plans to compel insurance companies to provide free contraception. Rush Limbaugh responded by calling Miss Fluke a "slut" and a "prostitute." How does this type of language affect women's reproductive rights today?

2. In light of the recent school shootings, what, if anything do you think can be done to prevent tragedies such as this one?

3. T.J. Lane, the lone shooter in the Chardon High School shooting, was a victim of bullying and may be considered mentally unsound. Do you think insanity is a fair defense for this 17 year who will be tried as an adult?

4. Do you think bullying can lead to instances of violence like the shooting at Chardon High School?

5. Do you believe in animal testing if the testing could help save a human life?

6. Though Whitney Houston's death was ruled an accident, her passing prompted many to debate the over use of anti-anxiety medicines and sedatives. Some doctors, like Ms. Houston's, will prescribe multiple sedatives that ultimately treat the same symptoms. Should these doctors be investigated? In addition, should pharmacies filling these prescriptions without calling foul on the prescribing doctor be investigated as well?

7. Would a verbal gaffe keep you from voting for a presidential candidate?

8. How is your platform relevant to the Miss ___ organization?

9.  Do you think grass-roots social networking is extending the GOP race?

10. Facebook, foursquare, and many other social networking sites allow you to check-in, revealing your location and the location of your friends. Do you use this tool, and do you feel your privacy and safety are endangered by this?

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