Personal Development Tip No. 1

Finding your voice and defining your message is all about personal development. Here is your personal development tip for today!
Spend more time investing in yourself than worrying about what others are doing. Here are a few suggestions to help you expand your view of yourself in the hopes that it will enhance your overall pageant and interview preparation.
  • Get out there in the world and experience life! Visit museums, watch live theater, volunteer, cook with friends, take a class, try a new hobby or travel somewhere new. What ever you fill your time with, put down your phone and get out there in the world.
  • Remember and appreciate how much life you have under your belt! Chances are you've already done some pretty cool things and have some amazing memories. Take some time to remember those moments by looking through photo albums and reminiscing with family and old friends. It helps to remember where you come from when considering how you might impact the world around you the most.
More tips to come! Get out there in the world and be bold, be you!

Amanda Beagle is a former Miss Ohio and works as a personal development coach and pageant coach. For more information email

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