Pageant Consulting

Wholeheartedly helping women and girls align with their values, define their "why", and put their dreams into action.”

— Amanda Beagle

I'm a person who believes...
I'm a person who believes everyone's voice deserves to be heard. Your story is your calling card. It's your super power. I believe that when we are aligned with our personal core values, our mission and purpose in life can be better served and fulfilled. My Miss America experience taught me I had a voice worth using other than my singing voice. Yes, it was the pursuit of a crown that helped me see that I had even more to offer the world as a leader, a public servant and a change maker. 
I'm a person who believes that when people take ownership of who they are through a process of self-evaluation, hard work, and honesty they grow. Self-evaluation isn't easy. At times it's painful to be honest with ourselves. The growing pains are worth the rewards of personal growth. 
I'm a person who believes that pageants are won in the interview room, because at the end of the day your exterior is merely frosting. What judges really want is to trust you. They want to be inspired by you. They want you to help them see the change that can be made in the world. That's why, as a coach, I take each client on a creative journey in a constructive and supportive environment to help them not only define their mission behind the crown, but to put it into action.  
I'm a person who believes building community is essential to the success of the whole. So let's connect and see how we can collaborate to help you exceed your goals. 
Amanda Beagle
Miss Ohio 2004
Amanda's interview training has helped me to answer onstage questions, to be confident in a panel interview, to speak my mind and be proud of who I am! Amanda is very inspiring and the best pageant coach I could ever ask for! ”

— Savannah Meaike - 1st Runner up Miss Connecticut Teen USA; USA National Miss Teen Connecticut 2018


I feel like I can answer any question the judges throw at me thanks to your coaching!”

— Juliana Heichel ~ Miss Ohio's Outstanding Teen 2018