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Personal Development Coaching for Teens

Does your teen need help developing communication skills? Perhaps they spend a lot of time online or emmersed in their phone. Technology can be a great tool, but the fact is that our tech driven way of life is eroding our collective social skills as a nation. Personal presentation and etiquette have given way to casual texts and expressing our emotions through emojis! You as a parent know as well as I do, that you only have one opportunity to make a great first impression. In this social media driven world, we all have a personal brand and it's important to optimize our presence in a positive way. Defining our personal values can help us make decisions that allow us to live with integrity, purpose and fulfillment.  


That's why I'm offering Personal Development Coaching for Teens. These one-on-one personalized coaching sessions help teens learn positive body language, verbal communication skills, interview skills, public speaking, goal setting and personal branding. As your teen prepares for college interviews and/or to enter the job market, they will be in need of invaluable life skills to help give them an edge over the competition. 

Here are some of the topics we'll cover: 

  • Personal Appearance - Grooming and Dressing for Success and making a positive first impression!
  • Body Language - How to convey confidence and trust when interacting with peers and adults.
  • Communication - Develop public speaking and interview skills. Communicate your ideas with confidence and connect with people in a meaningful way. Become an active listener and be a conversation starter! 
  • Personal Development - Be open to learning new things and actively pursue activities that will help you grow. We will identify ways to invest time and energy in your talents and interests. 
  • Lead an Active Lifestyle - We’ll explore easy steps you can take everyday to make healthy choices and live an active life.
  • Be Authentic - We’ll talk about how to be authentic in today’s digital age and how to use social media to build your personal brand around a positive message. 
  • Serve Your Community - How can you make your voice be heard and impact your community is a positive way? We as a group will choose a service project we can carry out together. 
  • Goal Setting and Time Management - Learn about goal setting techniques and how to develop positive habits that will help you reach our goals.
  • Define Success for Yourself - We’ll explore our personal definition of success and create a vision board to help us commit to our own personal core values. 
  • Reach Out When You Need Help - Know that you are not alone. We’ll explore resources that are available to teens to help you get the support you need. We’ll discuss topics such as peer pressure and staying true to yourself.  

With over 15 years experience as a educator, I've worked with countless students to help them achieve their goals both in the worlds of music and pageantry. Now I'm using all of this experience to help teens no matter what their passion. Together we can create a vision for your teen's future and help them thrive as their best self! 


Available in person or virtually!