Welcome to Amanda Beagle Vocal Studio

I'm a voice teacher and teaching artist who has spent 20+ years empowering people to harness their vocal freedom and thrive as great communicators and storytellers. I've had a unique career, both as a professional singer and a teacher, which helps me bring a wide range of experience to my studio sessions and classes. This website focuses on my private voice studio. This is where we can connect and you can learn more about 1:1 coaching as well as group learning opportunities. 

As a professional dancer, Amanda has helped me become a more competent and confident singer. She creates a safe environment in which I can feel comfortable to explore my voice and grow. She brought my technique to the next level, while also speaking to characterization and performance. Ultimately, Amanda has given me the skills to better execute my role as a swing for Disney Cruise Line.” - Laura Tinkler

Here's our approach to training singers...

  • We believe in an holistic mind body approach to singing that takes into consideration the unique learning needs of each student. There is no one size fits all approach to vocal training. It is a very personal journey. We will meet you where you are and help take you to the next level. 
  • Play-based learning strategies help kids, teens and adults learn technical and musical concepts in a way that is accessible and fun. We learn through experiencing as sensory information feeds our motor learning. After all, singing is a motor skill. 
  • Our teaching is rooted in voice science. From smoothing out your “break”, to discovering optimal alignment and breath management, and improving intonation and vocal control, we'll help you develop a technique you can rely on for consistency, stamina and vocal health. 
  • Our bodies become what we repeatedly do. We can form habits that promote vocal and mental health or habits that hinder them. We'll help you implement strategies that support your needs and help you thrive as a confident singer and human. 
Having been away from singing for a long time, I was nervous about returning to vocal lessons. Amanda's experience with classical and contemporary techniques has helped me regain my range, tone and confidence. Her patience and encouragement allowed me to achieve my goals of singing with the Cleveland Pops Chorus and Holy Rosary Choir.” - Mary Kolar-Denunzio

Here's our philosophy...

We believe everyone can sing and everyone can improve their voice with the right guidance and consistent practice. I'm here to provide you with the opportunity to learn and the encouragement you need to grow and succeed. A growth mindset is vital to any artist. We foster this growth mindset in our studio and encourage all our singers to explore their voices and develop sustainable vocal skills in a supportive and courageous space.  Accountability is crucial when one is developing skills. A great coach can give us exactly the support and constructive push we need to be successful.