The Vocal Rest Voice Lesson

Cold and Flu season will be here before we know it and allergy season is affecting many of us, not to mention activities that can leave us with vocal fatigue. I want to talk to you about Vocal Rest Voice

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Sing what you love, love what you sing!

Teacher: What kind of song would you like to sing next? 

Student: I don't know, what ever you think. 

Teacher: Well what kind of music do you like to listen to? 

Student: I dunno. A little bit of everything? 


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10 Tips for Encouraging Your Young Singer

We are born raising our voices - loud and proud. Here are 10 helpful tips to foster confidence and bravery in your young singer. 

Seek out a community of support for your child’s talents. It’s my hope that every child…

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AB Studio: Spring Recap!

May is always the month where everything comes to a head. Am I right?! The school year is winding down, graduation is upon us and Summer plans are being made! But first, let's talk about the amazing work happening right…

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