Studio Policy


Hello singers and families! This form is meant to inform you of my studio policies. These policies are in place to improve communication and manage expectations for payment, attendance and commitment levels. Please read the form and check the appropriate boxes. Don't hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns. 


Training from Amanda Beagle Vocal Studio is rooted in evidence based vocal pedagogy and creative play strategies to help each student learn, grow and thrive in a supportive environment. I am a professional and this is my full-time job.  I treat it with a great deal of care by continuing my own training from industry experts and investing time to prepare for your lessons. It is my hope that you have a memorable and enriching experience while you're here. I'm looking forward to working with you. 

Attendance Policy: I reserve weekly standing appointments for all students at Amanda Beagle Vocal Studio, both in person in Howland, Ohio and online. In a typical week, I facilitate 40 private lessons. As you can imagine, this takes a great deal of time communicating and coordinating with multiple families each week. Students reserving a weekly standing appointment are expected to take a weekly lesson for all weeks in the month. I have set aside this time for you, so please mark your calendar. Tuition for the month is due no later than the first lesson of the month for the entire month. Students may cancel a lesson via the online portal or text message up to 24 hours before their lesson time. Lessons cancelled 24 hours in advance must be made up/rescheduled subject to my availability.  Lessons cancelled less than 24-hours in advance still require payment and will not be made up. 

The 24 hour cancellation policy is a no exceptions policy. If lessons are missed on a regular basis, especially without notice, I reserve the right to remove students from my roster.  I appreciate your understanding, cooperation and diligence as a business like mine cannot exist without such a policy. Designated studio breaks will be communicated via email. If I cancel a lesson, you will not be charged. 

Payment: For students who secure a standing appointment, payment is due at the beginning of the month for all lessons in that month. Payment is collected via credit card at the beginning of the month through the studio online portal. Students who schedule drop-in lessons will be invoiced upon scheduling their appointment. Please inquire for rates. 

NOTE: If a student needs to take an extended break from lessons (4 weeks+ per year), I only reserve your spot in the studio if you continue payment. If you take a break without payment to reserve your lesson appointment, you may resume at anytime subject to my availability.

The No Singing Voice Lesson: Sometimes we are under the weather or need vocal rest, but are well enough to attend a lesson via Zoom. During "No Singing Voice Lessons" we can continue our work in many vital areas of a singer's development. Productive and comprehensive lessons include non-singing activities such as music theory, rhythm reading, lyric interpretation and score discovery. Exploring new music or discussing performance examples is an essential part of learning to sing. Lessons may be facilitated online if students are unwell, but still able to learn. Please take advantage of this whenever possible so we can continue to grow and learn together.  

Studio Procedures: In person students enter the studio only a couple minutes before your lesson time if at all possible. I’ll be finishing up with another student and this will help alleviate interruptions. When you enter the studio, please enter quietly and always assume there is a student before you finishing up their lesson. Please remove your shoes upon entering. 

Parent/guardian observation: I have an open door policy when it comes to parents/guardians observing lessons. I want to share with you what your child has been learning. You are welcome and encouraged to observe a lesson at any time. Students under the age of 8 may need a parent close by to help with the tech side of online lessons. Please gauge your student's comfort level with running their own tech. 

Communication: Any communication regarding schedules for minor students should be submitted by a parent/guardian/guarantor via text or email. If you would like your teenage child to initiate the texting and scheduling, the person responsible for lesson payment must be copied on all correspondence to ensure clear communication. If you have concerns or questions about your child's progress, please voice them to me. A great way to do that is to observe a lesson. Adult students are encouraged to communicate via text or email as well. 

College Prep: Students wishing to pursue musical theater or vocal performance in college are encouraged to arrange an in person meeting with their parents/guarantors and myself to state their intent and level of commitment. My recommendation is that College Prep students commit to at least one hour of voice lessons each week.  Additional recommendations will be made for working with an accompanist, studying musicianship/music theory, dance training, headshots, personal styling etc. Pursuing a performance degree at the college level is extremely competitive. It is a serious undertaking that requires commitment and support from the family unit. A career in the performing arts can be very rewarding, but it is also extremely challenging. I want to set you up for success and help you set realistic timelines, goals and expectations. 

Online Lesson Setup: Zoom lessons are a valuable option for any student who cannot attend in-person lessons. Special attention should be paid to your online setup. You will need two devices. One to Zoom with and one to play accompaniment tracks. Usually the Zoom device is a computer or laptop and the secondary device is a cell phone. Recommendations may be made for an external microphone or internet booster if we have any connection or sound issues. Please designate an area for your online lesson that is free from distractions. Each student will have a google drive folder with all of their assignments and I will also recommend books for purchase when appropriate. Any sheet music or backing tracks I cannot provide from my personal library will be purchased by the student. 

Workshops: Workshops and small group lessons are offered several times per year to help supplement private voice study. Please check the events section of the website for studio offerings.