Discover Your Voice Singers Ages 6 - 7

Children at this stage are enjoying an introduction to formal training that focuses on mind-body awareness, musicianships skills, and pitch matching. Playful games encourage vocal and rhythmic exploration. Children sing age appropriate songs from nursery rhymes to folk songs. Many developmental benefits come from vocal instruction including improved speech and language skills, reading proficiency, and confidence in using their voice in-front of others as a singer and speaker. 

Learn to Sing Singers Ages 8 - 10

Learning Singers are able to focus for longer periods of time and are reading fluently, so we begin reading sheet music and delving into the expressive lyrics of a song. Students at this age can better understand fundamental skills such as posture and breath and explore head voice dominant sounds. They are able to recognize sensory information that inform muscle memory as they skill build.  We study solfeggio (do, re, mi), continue ear training and basic music theory. Confidence building is central to our work in a playful and supportive environment. 

Grow Your Voice Singers Ages 11-13

Growing Singers are building on the foundation garnered from the previous age groups or are entering formal study for the first time. Students continue to expand their knowledge of musicianship and sight-reading. They build technical skills that set them up for success as they enter puberty and deal with physical and social changes inevitable at this age. We implement strategies to deal with insecurities that arise and building confidence in our singing while enjoying age appropriate songs and activities. 

Master Your Voice Singers Ages 14-19

Mastery singers build on previous vocal studies to expand their technical growth as they mature physically and emotionally. Some students begin their study at this age, and that is also welcomed. Students are capable of more self reflection at this age. They can develop an independent practice routine and have a point of view about what type of music they want to sing. We can explore solidifying mix voice and often bridge into belt if desired. 

The lesson curriculum is always tailored to the individual keeping in mind the parameters of a young persons physical, mental and emotional development and learning needs. 

Adult Studio Singers

Our adult students come to us with varying goals. Some are recreational singers who love to sing and take lessons as a life enriching activity. Some are rediscovering their voices after many years away from singing, and others are discovering their voices for the first time.  Our professional students are pursuing careers and continue to grow their technique, build their audition book and prepare for auditions. No matter what brings you in, you are welcome and encouraged to explore your voice with us here at Amanda Beagle Vocal Studio.