Amanda Beagle Vocal Studio

Building confidence, empathy, and artistry through vocal music training. ”

Thank you for your interest in joining Amanda Beagle Vocal Studio. I have maintained a private vocal studio since 2001 in both the Youngstown/Warren area of Ohio and New York City, specializing in training singers ages 8 and up. My training with elite Broadway voice teachers and coaches combined with my professional performance experience and classical music background create a unique teaching philosophy geared towards helping students thrive as singing actors. Our body is our instrument, so it's important to train the singer as an athlete as well as an artist. This holistic approach is meant to engage students in fun, interactive lessons that build confidence, while fostering a love of music and performance. Students of all ages and skill levels are welcome!

What we'll focus on!

  • Healthy Singing in Various Styles
  • Sight Reading & Basic Music Theory 
  • Auditioning & Developing an Audition Book 
  • Acting the Song
  • Working with an Accompanist
  • Competition Preparation 
  • Confidence Building 
  • Marketing and Branding Yourself as an Artist 
  • Practical Application Through Recitals and Public Performance

Studio Policy

Lessons for tuition students are offered in 3 semesters per calendar year; Fall, Spring and Summer. Students who commit to the entire semester are allotted 2 excused absences per semester. Students who cancel at least 24 hours prior to the session will be granted a make-up lesson for their missed session. After the two excused absences, make-up lessons are given at my discretion and not guaranteed. Lessons cancelled less than 24 hours in advance will receive no makeup. 

Students will have the opportunity to:

  • Perform in classical recitals 
  • Perform in musical theatre showcases & cabarets
  • Participate in acting workshops & masterclasses 
  • Perform at monthly community events   

Lessons are taught from Amanda's home studio in Howland, OH. Summer Semester begins July 8, 2019. Registration is open and ongoing. 


We participate in community concerts! It's a great way to practice your performance skills and give back at the same time!

We participate in community concerts! It's a great way to practice your performance skills and give back at the same time!

Amanda Beagle is an outstanding vocalist in many styles, who has performed and recorded extensively. In addition, Amanda is a generous and understanding teacher. Her insights, combined with her experiences, make her an ideal choice as a vocalist or teacher.”

— Kent Engelhardt ~ Coordinator of Jazz Studies at Youngstown State University