Shifting Your Mindset for Singing Success

Have you ever performed with high stakes with an intention not to lose? Not to mess up? Not to Fail?

  • You compete in a competition and compete not to lose.
  • You go for the high note and hope not to crack.
  • You audition and hope not to be cut.

What if you shifted your mindset and played to win? 

  • Even if you don't win, you've left it all on the table and have showcased your best self. 

What if you go for the high note with the goal of soaring freedom? 

  • Embrace spontaneity and bypass letting fear tighten your body. 

What if before an audition, and visualize getting a callback, or better yet the role you want? 

  • You never know, you may be what the creative team has been looking for. 

So often I meet singers who are bound by fear.  I recognize it, because I've been in their shoes. One of my mentors, Andrew Byrne, always says “Fear is a constrictor.” Fear that we won't hit the note only adds unwanted tension and makes the problem worse. Fear keeps us from feeling grounded and conveying trust, proficiency and artistry. Ultimately, fear keeps us from realizing the fullness of our potential. 

I'm a firm believer in the power of visualization. Change your mindset ever so slightly and watch your results change. 

Things to try…

  1. Create a vision board that helps you see the big picture. Where do you see yourself in 5-10 years? What do you hope do be doing both personally and professionally. 
  2. Remember when you were a kid and thought you were the center of the universe. It's fine, it's totally normal! Try visualizing your goal as your teenage self would. 
  3. When I was a teen, I gave many a performance to an imaginary audience in my bedroom. What I didn't know was that I was visualizing success. I was envisioning the kind of performer I wanted to be. So…why not do that at any age?

The truth is, when we get out of our own way magic happens. My hope for all my students, colleagues, and friends is that they can mitigate fear and inhibition so that they can proudly be the person they've always wanted to be.

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