Pageant Interview Questions: Vol. 14

I challenge you to think big. Look past the crown and the confines of your next competition, be it local, state, national or international. You are a spokesperson for your pageant organization, your homeland, and woman everywhere. That's a big responsibility. Make sure you represent!

1. As Miss ____, you will be traveling a great deal and potentially at great personal risk. Are you prepared to put yourself at risk in order to promote this organization and your platform? Please explain.

2. Define 3 qualities a modern woman should have.

3. What are the 3 best features of your country's culture that you will project to the world?

4. You are offered a lead Hollywood role that requires nudity. What would you do?

5. If granted 3 wishes for your country, what would they be?

6. In spite of the fact that many Senate Republicans have said they care about the gender wage gap, they have offered few alternatives to legislation like the Paycheck Fairness Act, which they unanimously voted down. Do you believe this is an act of discrimination towards woman? Do you believe this vote is driven by greed and/or ego?

7. As a pageant contestant, what advice would you have for women in the fashion and modeling industry who are struggling with self-image?

8. As Miss ____, what can you do to boost tourism in your town/state/country?

9. Do you believe it is appropriate for a titleholder to express her faith publicly?

10. You make your first impression in 7 seconds. What do you think helps a person make a good first impression? What impression did you hope to make today?

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