Pageant Interview Questions: Vol. 7

Miss America state pageants are in full swing! Here are 10 questions to help get your brain working. Remember, the point of interview prep is not to memorize answers, but rather to learn to think on your feet and formulate answers in a clear and concise manner. Have a conversation with the judges, relax and be yourself!

1. What is your take on Obamacare? Do you agree or disagree with it?

2. The Minneapolis based retailer, Target, is taking some heat for selling t-shirts in their home state that support a ban on gay marriage. Do you think it is appropriate for a retailer to sell t-shirts of this nature? Are thy alienating their clientele? What do you suppose the response would be if they were selling t-shirts that promoted a ban on gay marriage?

3. What is an appropriate punishment for a parent to employ when disciplining a child who has abused social media?

4. If you could host your own reality television show, what would the premise be?

5. Should those individuals who are transgender be eligible to compete in pageants like Miss America and Miss USA?

6. What do you feel threatens marriage in America more: legalized gay marriage or the high divorce rate?

7. Where are this years Summer Olympic Games? What is your favorite event?

8. If you were a judge today, what question would you want to ask all the contestants?

9. Who was your pick for best musical at this years Tony Awards? (especially if you're majoring in theater)

10. Should the United States act as the world's police force? How should we choose who to help and who to let solve their own issues?

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