Pageant Interview Questions: Vol. 9

In light of the recent school shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in CT, I'm sharing some interview questions related to this topic. My heart is heavy and I feel this is an epidemic in America we must not ignore. The conversation, debate, and demand for change must continue so these types of tragedies stop. Do your part to be educated about the topic, keep the conversation going, and speak out as loudly as you.

Is the shooting at Sandy Hook a gun control issue or a mental health issue?

Do you believe private citizens should have access to assault rifles?

What do you think you would have done if you were a teacher in a classroom under attack?

Is the government doing enough to respond to Sandy Hook and mass shooting of the past?

Can schools do more to protect their students than they already are?

Could the school shooting at Sandy Hook have been prevented?

An NRA backed law prevents gun manufacturers and gun shops from be prosecuted when their weapons are used for acts of violence. Do you think crime victims should be able to sue gun manufacturers and gun shop owners whose weapons are directly related to crimes?

Should teachers be armed with weapons to protect their students?

Do you think these young children will ever recover emotionally from this trauma?

How should the nation respond to the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary?

Would banning assault weapons hinder our 2nd amendment rights?

As Miss _____ (Miss America, Miss USA, Miss Local, etc), how would you address a school assembly of children affected by a tragedy such as Sandy Hook?

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  • Mary RIchardson

    Mary RIchardson

    Amanda can you please call me I am trying to reach out to Madison Gesiotto. 540989.5992

    Amanda can you please call me I am trying to reach out to Madison Gesiotto. 540989.5992

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