Social Networking and Your Personal Brand

Personal branding is an important part of creating a successful pageant contestant package. It is vital to know what you want to convey about yourself and to facilitate a marketing campaign that will promote your message. This can help you make connections in your field, raise funds for your cause, and get appearances speaking and entertaining for various organizations. Social media is one of the most accessible ways to help you promote your upcoming events and fundraisers and help you connect with folks you may not normally have access too.

Keep in mind that it is important for contestants to use the internet in a responsible and mindful way. Social media is not a place to air dirty laundry or work out your frustrations. Some thoughts are sacred and should be reserved for private conversations with family and friends. I strongly encourage utilizing Facebook, Twitter, blogging and personal websites for creating a unified viral marketing campaign for yourself as a titleholder.

What is Viral Marketing? Viral marketing is a marketing technique that utilizes existing social networks to generate brand awareness and objectives such as sales and traffic. As a pageant contestant, you can promote your own personal brand by presenting a unified message about yourself on all your online platforms.

1. Be positive! Use social networking to post positive and inspirational messages that encourage others. Never complain about other contestants or bully others.

2. Make connections! Social networking makes the world a smaller place. Reach out to people in your field of study, in pageantry, in the arts, or in charitable organizations who might prove to be valuable partners.

3. Advertise! Publicize upcoming events, fundraisers, and blog posts via social networking sites. However, do not spam followers as you will annoy them.

4. Be conservative! Remember that when you post something on the internet, it's there to stay. Refrain from posting pictures that include alcoholic beverages or questionable behavior.

5. Make posts entertaining! Social networking is a source of entertainment for many people. Make posts interesting, informative, and entertaining to entice followers.

6. Partner! Partner with a charity or business. You could raise money for a charity by partnering with a business willing to donate money in exchange for Facebook "likes" on their page.

7. Add good content to your site! What are you an expert on? Are you an educator, an entrepreneur, or philanthropist? Post good, informative content and people will notice.

8. Offer free advice! For example, let's say your platform is heart disease. You can use social networking to offer useful tips for a healthy lifestyle. Consider maintaining a blog!

9. Create a website that promotes your personal brand! Tell your story through pictures, bios, and video clips. Link your website to your social networking sites to create a unified online brand.

10. Offer an incentive! Create a mailing list and offer followers an incentive to sign up. Maintaining and utilizing a mailing list is a powerful marketing tool.

The ultimate goal is to tell your story! Your personal brand includes conveying your personality, character, hobbies, and interests. Create community online and interact with others to help build trust and authority in your field.

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