Sometimes you have to walk through the mud... order to get to solid ground.

We all have had things happen in our lives that shake our very foundation. Sometimes they are unfortunate twists of fate and others are a result of our own poor decision making. Often, the cause of our struggles are beyond our control and it's how we deal with the aftermath that will define our future and the person we will become. From failed relationships and addiction to life threatening disease and the sudden loss of a loved one, everyone has a story to tell.  

Many people say, "everything happens for a reason." Though I understand their sentiment, these are words you will never hear me say. I don't believe bad things happen to people in order to deliberately alter their lives and teach them lessons. However, I do believe we are defined by how we choose to live our lives after major life disruptions and hardships. We can create a sense of purpose in the midst of chaos that allows us to repair our own spirits and help others trudge through similar muddy pathways. As we help others rebuild their lives, we begin to recognize our rise from the ashes.

When we are willing to share our personal stories, we can be blessed with a greater calling to help make the lives of others better. As a pageant coach and mentor, I've worked with countless women  who have found their message by gaining the courage to share their personal stories of tragedy and triumph. Their platforms have championed issues like cancer prevention, domestic violence, suicide awareness, divorce recovery, understanding learning disabilities, anti-bullying, women's rights, mental health and so much more. 

We can all walk this muddy walk to more solid ground, empowering one another to be whole again and live empowered, enriched lives. You may find your message in the mud. Dig deep to find the courage to share your untold story. There are people out there who need to hear it.

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  • Halle

    Halle Nyc

    Beautiful, Amanda.

    Beautiful, Amanda.

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